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Northern Peninsula Area

The NPA is made up of five communities and consists of three Aboriginal communities: Umagico, New Mapoon and Injinoo and two Torres Strait Islander communities: Seisia and Bamaga. Injinoo was the first established settlement in the NPA region and was made up of five semi-nomadic tribes who came together in peace and settled at Cowal Creek (meaning small river).

These clans were the Anggamuthi, Atambaya, Wuthathi, Yadaigana and Gudang clans. Their descendants are the people of Injinoo and Traditional owners of the land. In 1948 a government reservation was established on the mainland (NPA) for the relocation of Saibai Islanders who had grave fears of future fresh water supplies on their Island. The Injinoo people granted permission for the Islanders to settle in Mutee Heads. Later in 1954 the township of Bamaga was complete and the families along with new arrivals relocated there. In the 1960’s the people of Mapoon (now known as Old Mapoon) were forcibly removed from their country and relocated to the south (Cairns) and north to the NPA where they formed the New Mapoon community.

Address and contact details

Address: Sebasio Street
Postal Address: PO Box 179, Bamaga QLD 4876
Phone Number: (07) 4069 3214

Campus Map: NPA Campus Map