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Marine Safety Exemption 2017

Exemption 2017 is for limited maritime operations that undertake low complexity duties with operators having the following restrictions:

  •  Operate during day light hours only;
  •  Command a vessel <12m long and operate propulsion power for an inboard engine <100kw or out board engine <250kw.

Carry passengers only in the following places and areas:

  •  Marine operations and a mooring area in sight of the marine;
  •  Inland waters;
  •  And waters in a tender or auxiliary that are within 1nm from a parent vessel and in sight of and in communication with the parent vessel;
  •  Any other waters approved by the national regulator.

Without carrying passengers only in the following places and areas;

  •  Places and kinds of waters in point 3 above;
  •  Smooth waters, including inland waters
  •      Any waters within 1nm from each point of departure and within 1nm of the coast
  •  Any waters of an aquaculture lease approved by state or territory authority, and any approved waters used for the daily transit to and from the aquaculture lease for operation under this exemption
  •  Any waters within 250meters of a structure fixed to the shore
  •  Sheltered waters within 2nm from the coast

Tow a person only in the following area and situation:

  •  any waters that a water-ski areas approved by a state or territory authority, with or without passengers; and
  •  the vessel has propulsion power, for an inboard and outboard engine <500kw

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Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, Cairns

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Full time: 1 week / 2 days per week

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  • Full Fee $950

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Key dates

Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, Cairns 30 Apr 2018 Full time / 2 days per week Classroom
16 Jul 2018 Full time / 2 days per week Classroom
24 Sep 2018 Full time / 2 days per week Classroom
3 Dec 2018 Full time / 2 days per week Classroom

Entry requirements

  • Be at least 16 years when the exemption is obtained
  • If carrying passengers hold a first aid certificate of at least HLT Health Training Package unit of competency provide first aid;
  • If operating radio equipment is on board the vessel , hold at least a marine radio operators VHF certificate of proficiency issued by the Australian communications and media Authority or an equivalent qualification approved by the national regulator;
  • Meet the same medical and eyesight requirements in chapter 4 (medical and eyesight requirements) of part D of the NSCV that apply for a coxswain grade 2 near coastal certificate of competency, except for division 4.44 eyesight (colour-vision).


Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, Cairns
55-61 Tingira Street
Cairns QLD 4870

Resources required

Work or casual clothes – strictly no thongs
Wet weather gear may be required for practical phase


Great Barrier Reef International Marine College (Cairns): Monday & Tuesday 8.30am – 4.00pm (Note: Times may vary depending on class numbers)


Important Information

For further certification information, visit AMSA at



Not all electives available at all campuses

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On successful completion of course you will receive a Final practical assessment record (AMSA536) and statement of participation in an AMSA approved course.

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Last updated on 7 February 2018

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