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Healthy Relationship Online Program

Welcome to the Healthy Relationship Online Program. This program will help you explore what relationships mean to you, and how to be respectful in your relationships with other people.

The Healthy Relationships Online Program contains five self-paced modules that cover the following topics:

  • Getting to know yourself
  • Sex
  • Gender and relationships
  • Dating
  • What is a healthy relationship

There is lots of information and interactive activities to help you figure out things like what respect looks like, gender equality, how to be respectful online and offline, how to communicate, dating and important information on safe sex and consent.

Hear from Mitchell, an Apprentice Boilermaker speaking about the importance of healthy relationships.

Visit the Healthy Relationship Program unit in Connect to get started.

If you have any questions relating to the program, or if you have difficulties logging in, please talk to your teacher.

Please note that students under the age of 16, and those who are studying with TAFE Queensland through their school, are not provided with access to the Healthy Relationships Program.

The program is a joint initiative between TAFE Queensland and YWCA Queensland and is aimed at curbing the rising rates of domestic and family violence.