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Skills Review (bksb)

If you've enrolled with TAFE Queensland North - congratulations! We're looking forward to helping you achieve your education goals. The best way for us to help you achieve those goals is to find out who you are and how you learn.

Each student is required to complete the Basic Key Skills Builder (bksb) Initial Assessment before they start any training. The bksb is a government-approved analysis that helps us identify your support needs when it comes to your education.

If you have just enrolled, it may take up to 24 hours before your login will work on bksb.

What is bksb?

To find out how to access the bksb, please download this start-up guide.

The bksb is an online tool that gives us an overview of your learning strengths and determines your learning style as well as your English and Math levels.

This assessment helps us identify how to best support you through your chosen course of study.

The bksb generates a unique learning plan and you'll be able to access a range of interactive learning resources and support tutorials.

Access the bksb website 

How can bksb help me?

The interactive software identifies your current working level for English and Math as well as your learning style.

The software identifies specific gaps in your skills. For each skill gap, there is a learning resource that includes practical exercises and answers.

Learning Solutions

Along with managing bksb, the Learning Solutions team assists students with the following:

  • In class support
  • Study skills
  • Assignments, referencing and essay writing
  • Time management and preparing for exams
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Juggling life, relationships and study
  • Identifying self-sabotaging strategies
  • Coping with exam stress
  • Taking notes effectively in class
  • Decoding assessment expectations
  • Sourcing information for assignments
  • Skim reading
  • Incorporating course-relevant words
  • Proof reading and using spell check
  • Resume/selection criteria writing
  • Interview skills
  • Computer assistance
  • Tutorials
  • Online and phone support for students studying externally

For more information about the Learning Solutions or if you have any questions about bksb, email the Learning Solutions Team at