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Apprenticeships and Traineeships

First-choice training provider for businesses

Hiring an apprentice or trainee is a great way to build your business for now and into the future with skilled individuals who are passionate and looking to learn.

TAFE Queensland North has more than 3000 students from hundreds of businesses and organisations across varied industries in the North Queensland region currently undertaking recognised, competency-based training.

Apprentices and trainees are contracted to an employer for the time it takes to gain skills in a trade or vocational area. An apprentice or trainee:

  • Is paid to do a job and learn new skills at the same time.
  • Has a variety of jobs and career paths, without having to go to university.
  • Receives a qualification which is recognised wherever they go in Australia.

Eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees may be able to access a Queensland Government Funding contribution towards the cost of training and assessment  as part of the User Choice 2016-17 program. Please see the following link for more details Department of Education and Training.

What TAFE Queensland North offers you, the Employer;

  • Work with the apprentice/trainee and employer to design a training plan - including what training needs to occur, how that training will be provided, and when/where that training will take place - and support both to make it work.
  • Provide Training Records where on and off-the-job training progression is documented, as well as any essential training materials at no cost to the apprentice/trainee.
  • Visit workplaces to monitor training.
  • Organise any additional learning support required (e.g. reading, math skills)
  • Provide advice on fees and charges, and travel and accommodation subsidies.

 Ask us about

  • Our block training
  • Our ability to be flexible and offer different training for different areas to suit your business, yes we can come to you
  • Meeting the teachers! Our teaching staff come from industry themselves, they were all apprentices and trainees once and were all part of a business
  • Paperless sign up, a brand new initiative to help make the process simple, efficient and fast, getting you back to work
  • Come and visit our training facilities, we believe you will be more than impressed and will talk about it with your mates

The apprenticeship and traineeship system in Queensland is administered by the Queensland Department of Education and Training and regulated by the Further Education and Training Act 2014. The department works closely with Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers, registered training organisations and group training organisations to ensure apprentices and trainees achieve successful outcomes.

For more information visit the Apprenticeships Info website for an overview of what the difference is between an apprentice and a trainee, how apprenticeships and traineeships work, employers' responsibilities, how to become an apprentice or trainee, wages and conditions, advice and support and frequently asked questions.

TAFE Queensland North is committed to providing our current 3000 students with quality training and assessment services that meet their needs. We have a robust quality management system in place to continually review and improve its processes and services. TAFE Queensland North also undergoes rigorous external audits to verify its ongoing compliance with the requirements of the VET Quality Framework and has been deemed compliant by the Australian Skills Quality Authority following its last audit.

Learn about school-based apprenticeships, getting started, pay conditions, rights and more by visiting the Department of Education and Training and the Apprenticeships Info website

Pre-apprenticeship programs

Pre-apprenticeship programs provide students with the basic skills and knowledge needed to work in an industry setting. Successful completion of pre-apprenticeship training can greatly increase the chances of gaining an apprenticeship in a chosen field.

These programs are highly regarded by employers, who can be confident of the level of knowledge, skills and task awareness of apprentices. Some pre-apprenticeship programs may give credit towards the first year of an apprenticeship, possibly shortening the overall training period.

Secondary students may also wish to consider TAFE Secondary (TAFESEC) programs. Training under this scheme leads to recognised VET qualifications which can be credited towards apprenticeships, traineeships, higher level qualifications or university.